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I like the pm on goodness I didn't realize how huge the MM actually is!!!!! louis vuitton handbags 

am 44 and have loved LV since I was about 20. There are just some things girls love...clothes, shoes, jewelry...but LV and purses have ALWAYS been my thing. I didn't grow up with them and my Mom didn't use them...but I knew I wanted oneI bought my first LV at 28....a was love from them o louis vuitton bag


Oooohhhh.... look an LV bag with someone in there's jammies!!! A box and there's another bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV

 Love Love Love your charms!!! Congrats!!! louis vuitton shop 

Azur is very pretty, for me with speedies I like pre loved. I looked at a new Azur but I can't do the light handles on a speedy I really like a dark honey color. louis vuitton handbags

 louis vuitton bag Vernis Alma MM- Bleu nuit. I think it is a perfect size and I just love that color!! 

Wow great pick up.: I got my mom the delightful for her bday last week and she can't stop thanking me she loves it louis vuitton wallet


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